A Favorite Animal Carving But Outrageously Huge Please

Everyone has their favorite animal to admire. Surely you do as well. And please, do not talk about your dog or cat. Although it must be said that there is no harm done in that. If you dearly love your domestic pets and you wish to preserve them somehow for all eternity, then so be it. It remains a dog’s life and the cat only has nine lives to fall back on. So chances are good that they will be long gone while you are still around. You can have a carving made of them. But it is still pleasing to note that there are still folks out there with a brave enough taste for the exotic and the bold.

bear carving

The sad irony though is this. These majestic and wild creatures are no longer feared they used to be in the past. That is because many species are either endangered or threatened. And in some cases, they have been wiped out altogether. Good to know that the great grizzly bear carving still has its place on a neighbor’s porch. It is being put together by an amazing bunch of forest guys, guys that love every smell about the forest, who are never far removed from their treasured chainsaw. So, when they are not hard at work lumbering trees, they are letting off steam practicing an artistic talent that they have acquired purely through the use of their chainsaws.

But gosh, folks, you would be surprised. It might be lifeless to you but please, you may just scare off the neighbors. Maybe you need to scale it down a tad. So, ask your talismanic chainsaw carvers to carve out something a little smaller next time. And they will do your bald eagles and wild cats quite nicely too.